Hemp CBD For Chinese Shar-Peis

Chinese Shar-Pei’s have cannabinoid receptors throughout their bodies which control everything from sleep, mood and pain. The cannabinoids and Omega fatty acids found within Hemp Well can help to support body function, help with relaxation and may assist with inflammation from everyday activities.

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  • Elizabeth

    Can CBD help a Shar Pei who is having a Fever episode? His fevers, from SPF, last fro 2-3 days and his fever can reach 108. Do you recommend a daily supplement or as a dosage given when he has a fever? He is 57 lbs. dosage recommendations?

  • Humphrey Hemp Well

    Elizabeth, sorry to hear about your dog’s health issues, that is tough for everyone in the home. Discussing any supplement in advance with your veterinarian is always the best practice as it relates to issues as serious as you described. All Hemp Well products are dosage form and suggested daily dosing based on weight is on each label.


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