Can I Give My Cat Hemp Well Calm Pet?

Our Calm Pet product line, at this time, does not extend to our feline friends. While cats tend to be more chill than dogs, they can be more sensitive to certain things like one of the ingredients found in Calm Pet.

While the risk is small to most cats, our calming products are intended for dogs.

So, within the next several months look out for our cat calming product. It is currently being developed and experimented on in our secret lab with only the smartest and craziest cats known to man.

In the meantime, pay attention to your cats diet, environment (new cats or kids), and other external factors before considering a supplement to calm them down. Catnip and more play time are simple first steps before exploring a supplement like Hemp Well (or prescribed medications). Additionally, our Relief and Everyday Omegas line can help your cat reduce inflammation from everyday activities and supports a healthy immune system.