Hemp Well Sponsors Bird and Cannabis Health Survey

The idea behind BirdHemp.Org is to create a website for bird owners to record their observations when using hemp as a health supplement for their bird so that others can use those observations as sources of first-hand-information.

Collectively, the purpose of the site is to build a knowledge base concerning hemp usage and bird health. Existing conditions, progress, side effects, and results are recorded. All the information is provided by you! BirdHemp.Org collects the information and then collates the information for other bird owners to utilize. Simply speaking, BirdHemp.Org is a hemp collection and distribution point for the bird community. Very simple and, potentially, very useful.

It’s a worthy cause as there is little scientific research on the detailed health benefits from hemp in general, let alone for birds in particular. Because the bird market is a sliver of a sliver compared to the dog and cat markets, actual, expensive scientific research concerning birds and hemp is not likely to appear anytime soon. So, the thought is, why not use the next best thing to that expensive, scientific research – personal observations!

BirdHemp.Org is to operate as a non-profit through a financial commitment. If successful, the control of the website will be turned over to some sort of governing board. There is no sale of your information.

Build awareness

The success of this project depends on public support and public awareness! Please pass the word along even if you’re not interested.


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