Bird Care: How to Care For Your Birds? A Quick Guide!

Birds are one of the most beloved pets that are kept in our homes. Birds are attractive, socially interactive, intelligent and give a great company. These wonderful little creatures are not just to be confined in cages but need attention and care. Let us read more on bird care tips and how to care for these pretty creatures.

The Key Pointers In Bird Care:

1. Choose The Right Cage:

Birds are meant to be free and flying. Hence when you want to keep them as pets, provide a big cage as their home. Birds should have optimal space for them to spread the wings and move around inside the cage. When birds are caged in small places, it might lead to behavioral problems. Rectangular bird cages are preferred over round ones.

Bird care tips-Hemp Well

2. Choosing Bird Partners:

When you have different species of birds, make sure that they are compatible with each other. If not, provide individual cages for each species of birds.

3. Bird Grooming :

Birds also require grooming and it is one of the most important factors in bird care. You could give them a shower with some water from a spray bottle. Make sure you trim their feathers neatly and maintain them. Hemp Well Bird Hemp oil can be used topically to maintain shiny healthy feathers.

4. Clean The Bird Cage:

Place magazines and papers at the bottom of the cage to make cleaning easier. Regularly clean the bird cages and maintain hygiene.

5. Exercise Your Birds:

Birds need exercises to keep them happy and healthy. Let them have short flights in secured places. Plenty of bird toys are also available in the market to keep them entertained.

6. Bird Nutrition:

Choose the right food for your birds. Feed them a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits like oranges, spinach, berries, and celery.

The tips provided above are common bird care tips for all species of birds. Apart from these, individual type of bird species might require special needs and attention. Keep your birds happy and healthy, or else it might affect their behavior leading to cage fights and screaming.