Changing the world one pet at a time!

We envision a future where hemp is returned to all of our diets, our building materials, and our energy sources. Making everyday life even better.

We do our part by manufacturing hemp-derived supplements that promote health. We offer an organic and sustainable alternative without sacrificing quality by using cheap filler oils like MCT, olive or coconut. #JustHemp.

Lead The Pack With Hemp WellOur CBD hemp oil is sourced from some of the richest soils for growing hemp in the world. All of our supplier’s farms maintain extremely high standards and implement organic practices. Today, our products are sold through thousands of pet supply retailers in the US and online. Our team belongs to or has worked with state and federal regulators from AAFCO and the FDA, several medical doctors and labs, the National Animal Supplement Council, the Hemp Industries Association, industry leaders, the US Trademark Office, and lawyers with all kinds of specialities all to ensure that our products and their messages are compliant and that our pets health and our business reputations are safe.

A special thanks to our family’s rescue cat, Ginger for the inspiration to move Hemp Well into the pet industry. Simply put, we have sourced hemp responsibly since 2012.

Ryan Richmond, founder
Lead The Pack With Hemp Well

Help us change the world one pet at a time.