We were not the first to create a soft chew dosage form animal product with hemp CBD but we do a better job than anyone else. Competitors chews will have amounts of CBD, sure! But that is where they stop short.

Not kidding, we have more than 200 times the amount of hemp than our closest competitor. We replaced anything we could inside each soft chew with hemp. Things like vegetable, canola oils. Flax and other fillers were replaced with the whole hemp plant. If hemp is a better omega source than other oils, why wouldn’t we?

Our process is not cheap but we would not have done it any other way. Hemp Well is #JustHemp.

In addition to more active ingredients our soft chew net weight is 30% more than the closest competitor. More value, more active ingredients, more benefits from Hemp Well.

Lastly, we never use heat. From the extraction process of our hemp plants to the manufacture of our soft chews we keep things cool. Hemp has an extremely low melt point. Heat could decimate active ingredients. Cold pressed is better.


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